Sunday, July 15, 2007


My sister in-law started another blog today. This one is about the life of a sock monkey. It is actually kind of funny. I wish that I could think of ideas like that. Of course, I wish that I had a computer at my house so that I could write and do stuff like that at my house instead of having to wait once or twice a week to go out to the in-laws and use theirs. Oh well, there is only a couple of weeks left of vacation before heading back to school. I can do more then.

I'm worried about starting another class. I really need to finish my graduate application. I really hope that I can move on the salary scale. Of course by the time taxes are taken out and insurance eats up the rest, there really isn't that much left.

I need some ideas on which to write about. I'm still working on the weight loss thing. I have some green tea pill help now. I've also decided to try and do some pilates while the kids take their naps. Well, those are the ideas anyway. We'll see what happens.


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